Art Uncovered - DataSpaceTime

Premiere DateDec 20, 2011
00:00 Intro
01:40 DataSpaceTime Interview pt. 1
03:53 Snare Hanger Battles
05:49 DataSpaceTime Interview pt. 2
09:43 I'm With You The Pony's
12:09 DataSpaceTime Interview pt. 3
16:22 Books of Moses Tom Waits
19:07 DataSpaceTime Interview pt. 4
21:15 The Final Word The Feelies
23:32 DataSpaceTime Interview pt. 5
27:00 Holy Picture Sebadoh
29:46 DataSpaceTime Interview pt. 6
34:15 Sunflower's Here to Stay Angels of Light
37:10 DataSpaceTime Interview pt. 7
40:28 The Drums Were Lost Butterglory
42:10 DataSpaceTime Interview pt. 8
45:28 On Again Off Again The Clean
47:13 DataSpaceTime Interview pt. 9
51:24 Please Don't Die Gary War
53:54 Finish

This week on the show my guests are artists Ray Sweeten and Lisa Gwilliam. The two artists, who exhibit under the name DataSpaceTime, recently had an exhibition of their work here in Brooklyn called “The Optimum Value for Y.” The exhibition was based around portraits and wallpaper made with QR codes — those matrices of black and white squares we see on advertisements and posters that, when scanned with a smartphone, can link the user to anything from a website, to video or text. The way that QR codes link physical objects to bits of data and content on the web, is central to Ray and Lisa’s work. I spoke with them recently in Brooklyn about their interactive QR code prints, the special mobile app they built to explore the prints, and how viewers are feeding their own data back into the artworks.


Host Thomas
Thomas grew up in Northern California where he fell in love with music and photography while going to punk shows and shooting skate photos. He photography in college, which may or may not qualify him to host an…