Dana Sherwood

Premiere DateMar 22, 2016
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00:53 Dana Sherwood
02:32 Anthropocene
04:45 Banquets for Beasts
08:23 Collaborating With Wildlife
11:31 Food Aesthetics
13:38 Watercolors
16:29 Nature On Our Terms
19:22 NYC Wildlife
22:05 Pizza Rat
23:16 Crossing the Wild Line
26:32 Raccoons
29:34 Finish

This Week:

Artist Dana Sherwood is interested in the boundaries between the domestic and the wild. She is particularly known for work that involves preparing elaborate meals for animals and documenting the ensuing feasts with hidden motion-sensitive cameras. She’s served a picnic to baboons on a beach in South Africa, staged a banquet in her backyard for a family of raccoons, and, most recently, installed a food cart in a botanical garden in Brazil which was frequented by bats, insects and an ocelot. Some of Dana’s work in on view now as part of a show called The Ocelots of Foothill Boulevard, on view now at the Pitzer College Art Galleries.

Crossing the Wild Line, In Situ at the Botanical Garden, Brasilia, 2015

[vimeo] http://vimeo.com/138610262 [/vimeo] Crossing the Wild Line

Picnic at Cape Point (Invitation), 2012

Picnic at Cape Point (The Feasting III), 2012

Nights of Coyote and Cake, Molded Terrine of Jellied Spam, Beef and Hot Dogs with Marrow Bones, 2013

Nights of Coyote and Cake, Coyote (II), 2013


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