Carla Gannis

Premiere DateJun 23, 2015
00:00 Intro
00:50 Carla Gannis
03:10 Emoji Delights
06:40 Transcription
12:01 Discrete Emoji
13:31 Selfie Drawings
17:47 Singularity
21:45 Appalachia
24:35 Making Art
26:26 The Future
33:03 Finish

Carla Gannis, The Garden of Emoji Delights, 2015

This week on the show, Brooklyn multi-media artist Carla Gannis talks about some of her new projects. One is an interpretation of Heronimous Bosch’s 16th century painting The Garden of Earthly Delights made with emojis. The piece is on view at the Hudson River Museum. The second project is a series of self portraits that Carla calls “selfie drawings.” In our interview we touch on the language of emojis, the “gothic internet”, the singularity, and growing up in Appalachia.

Hieronymus BoschGarden of Earthly Delights, circa 1450–1516

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Selfie Drawing 33 “Dreaming the Singularity”

Selfie Drawing 24 “AKIN”


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