Art Uncovered -- Better Than Something - Jay Reatard

Premiere DateNov 8, 2011
00:00 Thomas Intro See/Saw - Jay Reatard
02:55 Alex and Ian Interview pt. 1
05:25 Action Woman Reatards
07:24 Alex and Ian Interview pt. 2
09:20 Tonight It'll Come Reatards
10:41 Alex and Ian Interview pt. 3
12:39 All the Walls are Closing In Reatards
14:16 Alex and Ian Interview pt. 4
18:55 Heart Felt Toys Lost Sounds
21:29 Alex and Ian Interview pt. 5
23:48 Screaming Hand Jay Reatard
25:47 Alex and Ian Interview pt. 6
28:05 My Shadow Jay Reatard
31:01 Alex and Ian Interview pt. 7
32:56 Blood Visions Jay Reatard
34:20 Alex and Ian Interview pt. 8
39:20 There is No Sun Jay Reatard
42:24 Finish

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My guests this week are filmmakers Ian Markiewicz and Alex Hammond. They are the co-directors of Better Than Something: Jay Reatard, a film that tells the story of Memphis garage rock auteur Jay Reatard.

Told through archival footage and interviews with Jay himself, Better Than Something paints a complex and intimate picture of a musician who was often defined only by his confrontational live shows and reputation for  drug fueled antics. While Jay does talk about smashing disco balls and taking drugs, he comes across as mostly a mellowed-out homebody who likes to hang out and talk about music. Jay also takes us on a tour through the poverty stricken areas of Memphis where he grew up, and discusses how he began to record his first records as a teenager .

Better Than Something was originally intended as a short. But, after Jay’s sudden death in January 2010, Ian and Alex returned to the project, conducting additional interviews with Jay’s bandmates, friends and family.

I sat down with Alex and Ian to talk about making the film, their experiences hanging out with Jay, and how growing up poor in Memphis shaped his music.

The film is screening today — November 8th — at the IFC Center in New York City as part of DOC NYC. Get tickets HERE.


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