Art Uncovered -- Bad Girls of 2012

Premiere DateMay 22, 2012
00:00 Thomas Intro
01:43 Jamie Sterns interview pt. 1
05:37 Hitch Hike - Liliput
08:12 Jamie Sterns interview pt. 2
10:13 Believe Me Dara Puspita
12:27 Jamie Sterns interview pt. 3
14:34 Wurlitzer Jukebox Young Marble Giants
16:59 Jamie Sterns interview pt. 4
18:06 Chicken: 30 The Coathangers
20:26 Jamie Sterns interview pt. 5
23:57 So Tough The Slits
26:17 Jamie Sterns interview pt. 6
29:12 Molly's Lips The Vaselines
30:50 Jamie Sterns interview pt. 7
33:26 Don't Shake It Off Mika Miko
34:37 Jamie Sterns interview pt. 8
36:18 Lulu's Lips Grass Widow
39:16 Finish

Rachel de Joode, 2008 Taming the Alpha Vessel

My guest this week is curator Jamie Sterns. She organized the exhibition Bad Girls of 2012 at Interstate Projects in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

The show was inspired by a 1994 exhibition called Bad Girls, organized at the New Museum by its founder Marcia Tucker. The original Bad Girls featured over 60 artists whose work dealt with issues of feminism and gender, but was also distinctly humorous. Tucker wrote that all the artwork in Bad Girls had two characteristics in common:  It was “really funny” and “it went too far.”

Jamie Sterns’ show, Bad Girls of 2012 embraces the sprit of Tucker’s 1994 exhibition. The show highlights eight female artists who Jamie says “are wholly unapologetic in their art making and do not seek permission to work with any ideas, materials, or subject matter.” Jamie’s Bad Girls features
painting, sculpture, video photography and performance. I met up with Jamie this week to talk about her exhibition and what exactly it means to be a bad girl in 2012.

Dora + Maja, The Beach, 2011 c-print, 20 x 13 inches

Jamie Felton, Ink on metal List of Wants 2011-2012

Narcissister, everyWOMAN

Rebecca Gilbert, Adam, dam, am, m 2012, postcards and tape

Gina Beavers, Mondrian, 2012 acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 inches

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