Art Uncovered - Amy Franceschini

Premiere DateMar 31, 2015
00:00 Amy Franceschini
01:17 Future Farmers
06:23 Art School
09:18 Soil Kitchen
16:57 Forging A Nail
23:34 Provisioning
30:19 Finish

Soul Kitchen, Future Farmers

Amy Franceschini is an artist and one of the founders of Future Farmers, an collective of artists, designers, architects, and thinkers who share an interest in places and how we live in them today. Future Farmers projects come in many shapes and sizes from museum exhibitions, site specific installations, community projects, books, videos, you name it. Running through all this work is an interest in things like land use, agriculture, food traditions, pollution and development and how all these things impact communities.

This week I speak with Amy Franceschini about Future Farmers, the groups origins and some of their projects, including one involving Robert Oppenheimer and a nail made out of meteorites.

Windmill on the roof of Soil Kitchen

Testing soil at Soil Kitchen

Nails made from meteorites, war pennines and Trinitite, a material created in nuclear explosions


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