Premiere DateFeb 23, 2016
00:00 BTR Today
00:46 Carl Cory Intro
02:10 Driving Across Wisconsin
03:55 Walking
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05:48 Americaville
07:01 Critical Pictures
08:37 Religion
10:02 Mid West
11:30 Travelling
12:27 No People Here
14:16 Lonely USA
15:26 Politics
17:01 Humor
18:21 Road Stories
20:20 "Real Americans"
24:24 BTR Today
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Picture 6152 Abbottsford, Wisconsin

Picture 6753 Richland Center, Wisconsin

Picture 4696 Thorp, Wisconsin

Picture 4778 Colby, Wisconsin

Picture 6389 Appleton, Wisconsin

This week on the show:

Carl Corey is a photographer based in River Falls, Wisconsin. Lately, he’s been traveling the country in his small Winnebago documenting  the quirks, contradictions, and moments quiet of beauty he finds in small town America.

In his pictures we see roadside motels, dive bars, and suburban homes with bizarre lawn ornaments. There’s a photo of an empty main street at night illuminated by Christmas lights and a painting of Richard Nixon bathed in demonic orange light.

Carl is calling his project “Americaville” and last week I got a chance to chat with him about this ongoing work. We discussed his time walking across Wisconsin, religion in America, and how Mark Twain has influenced his photography.

“Americaville” is on view at Wallspace Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA through March 31st.

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