Art Uncovered - Adrain Chesser

Premiere DateSep 23, 2014
00:00 The Return
01:58 Back to the Land
03:08 Wild and Nomadic Life
04:49 Heartsong Portrait
06:30 The Hoop
07:51 Goats
10:18 Loneliness
12:16 Burger King, Mesquite, Nevada
15:31 Paying Witness
17:05 I Have Something to Tell You
20:31 Pentecostal Preacher
22:51 Photography as a Spiritual Technology
25:33 Finish

Sage Field, Lone Pine Ridge,Idaho

For six years, photographer Adrain Chesser travelled around the American West, living off the land. His adventure began when he met members of so-called “back to the land” communities: groups of modern day hunter gatherers who have gone off the grid in search of a more meaningful relationship with nature. They travel  seasonal routes through western states like Nevada, Idaho, and Oregon and for food they harvest roots, forage for berries, and collectively rear goats for their milk and meat. Adrain, attracted to the possibility of a freer way of living,  followed his friends into the wilderness to share their way of life and photograph his experience.

In his new photo book, The Return, Adrain captures both the beauty of  living close to the land as well as the tension and loneliness that arise from rejecting the comforts of the modern world. Along with the images, the book features texts written and collected by Timothy White Eagle, a Native American ritualist who joined Adrain on his adventure.

On the show I speak with Adrain Chesser about living off the land, the spiritual power of photography, and his pentacostal upbringing in Florida

JP Hartsong, Stoneberger Creek,Nevada

Burger King, Mesquite,Nevada

Morning, Marble Mountain Wilderness,California

Dispatched, Lost River, Idaho

Cherries, Marble Mountain Wilderness,California

Fannie Bird, Marble Mountain Wilderness,California


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