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Premiere DateJul 8, 2014
00:00 Thomas Intro
02:30 Wendy Klemperer Interview pt. 1
05:33 The Storm High Places
06:50 Wendy Klemperer Interview pt. 2
09:02 Have Your Toupee Ready Young Marble Giants
09:59 Wendy Klemperer Interview pt. 3
13:35 For the Trees Matmos
15:29 Wendy Klemperer Interview pt. 4
18:48 Hollow Tree Arthur Russell
20:14 Wendy Klemperer Interview pt. 5
25:41 Winter's Love Animal Collective
26:08 Wendy Klemperer Interview pt. 6
30:47 The Stakeout (feat. W. Giacchi) Sun Araw
35:01 Finish

Tiger and Axis Deer,  Colored Wax, Wire, Resin

Artist Wendy Klemperer makes sculpture of animals. The creatures in her work are amazingly expressive and convey complex movement and emotion that reflects the hours wendy has spent observing animals in the wild, in nature films and in the works of other artists like the painter Delacroix and photographer Eadward Muybridge.

Wedny is best known for her large scale sculptures of wolves, deer and horses that she welds together using found scrap metal and rebar. However for her current Brooklyn show she’s working on a much smaller scale, sculpting animals from wax. The works display the same intricacies of motion as her larger metal works, but the wendy uses the wax as a kind of skin to articulate detailed muscle tone and working on a smaller scale allows for the sculptures to interact with each other. In one piece two dogs wrestle with each other, in another a tiger drags a deer by the throat.

The strange realism in the wax-y skin and the  movements of these creatures creates an effect that’s both naturalistic and fantastical. Like looking at a still from a nature documentary done in stop motion animation.

This week on the show I speak with Wendy Klemperer about her sculptures, her life long fascination with animal movement. We also talk about how she transitioned from studying bio-chemistry at harvard to pressing a career as an artist.

Circle of Wolves – Wolf 2, Steel and Aqua-Resin, 4 sculptures on 35′ diameter raised earth mound

Osprey Landing, 2012, steel


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