Art Uncovered - Carmen Tiffany

Premiere DateApr 22, 2014
00:00 Thomas Intro
01:24 Panda Bear Slow Motion
03:51 Carmen Tiffany Interview pt. 1
06:49 Carment Tiffany Audio Samples
07:42 I Was Born (A Unicorn) Unicorns
10:11 Carmen Tiffany Interview pt. 2
12:24 The Entertainment Max Tundra
15:21 Carmen Tiffany Interview pt. 3
19:37 Like Calling Up Thunder The Gun Club
22:03 Carmen Tiffany Interview pt. 4
24:16 Take It As It Comes Vivian Girls
27:16 Carmen Tiffany Interview pt. 5
29:10 Put All Your Eggs in One Basket and Then Watch That Basket!!! Marnie Stern
31:48 Carmen Tiffany Interview pt. 6
35:30 Dead City/Wasted Life Abe Vagoda
37:21 Acid Fight Blood on the Wall
42:30 Finish

In her work, artist Carmen Tiffany combines experiences from her childhood in rural Wyoming with the aggressively cheerful imagery of children’s  products, television and advertising. The result are funny, grotesque videos, installations and drawings that feature an array of characters including a rapping macaroni noodle and lisa frank characters with an unquenchable thirst for moonshine.

Along with fellow artist April Childers, Carmen is also a co-CEO of Destineez Child — a performative storefront where Carmen and April enthusiastically sell absurd, and often disgusting, products in a kind of flea market style bazaar. Some of their popular products include: The oscillating ashtray, cute bread, and their fragrances: Easy Cheez and Beefnut Water.

I spoke with Carmen over Skype to learn more about her work, the story behind Destineez Child and her experience growing up in rural Wyoming.

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