Art Uncovered

Premiere DateMar 18, 2014
00:00 Thomas Intro
01:17 Jamie Powell Interview pt. 1
04:49 Tears in the Typing Pool Broadcast
06:55 Jamie Powell Interview pt. 2
10:30 Grass Animal Collective
13:22 Jamie Powell Interview pt. 3
16:08 Ease Your Feet In The Sea
19:38 Jamie Powell Interview pt. 4
21:20 Love Without Lies Comet Gain
24:16 Jamie Powell Interview pt. 5
27:47 Painting By Numbers Television Personalities
28:53 Finish

This week I’m joined by Brooklyn-based painter Jamie Powell. Her paintings are playful abstractions infused with the color palates and high-energy of saturday morning cartoons and sugary childrens breakfast cereals. Along with the eye-popping colors in her work, Jamie also cuts into her canvases leaving holes and geometric shapes that some times resemble a pair of eyes, shattered glass or teeth.

Jamie is currently part of a group show called Geometry Poems, up now at Janet Kurnatowsky Gallery in Greenpoint. A while back I talked to Jamie about her work, her love for 80s cartoons and why she decided to start cutting holes in her paintings.


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