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Premiere DateDec 31, 2013
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01:20 By The Olive Trees pt. 1
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05:30 By The Olive Trees pt. 2
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12:39 By The Olive Trees pt. 4
15:55 Gadberry's 1989 Carl Stone
16:08 By The Olive Trees pt. 5
19:33 You In Forty Years High Places
20:32 By The Olive Trees pt. 6
24:20 My Kimono Polvo
24:59 By The Olive Trees pt. 7
29:59 The News Deltron 3030
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Art Uncovered – By The Olive Trees – Encore – Originally Aired Oct 22nd 2013

Since the civil war in Syria began two and a half years ago, nearly two million Syrians have fled the country. About half a million of them have fled to Jordan, Syria’s neighbor to the south, where they have passed through refugee camps and been absorbed into the Jordanian population.

Last summer, photographer Benjamin Rasmussen went to Jordan, along with photographer Michael Friberg, to meet some of these Syrian refugees. With the help of local journalists, Benjamin and Michael photographed the refugees’ daily lives and recorded them telling their stories. The project is called By The Olive Trees and Benjamin and Michael are currently working on a newsprint publication of their photographs and interviews. The idea is to distribute the publication for free to anyone who is interested in learning about the project.

Last week I spoke with Benjamin Rasmussen about By The Olive Trees and his experience meeting Syrians displaced by the civil war.

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