Art Uncovered

Premiere DateSep 17, 2013
00:00 Justine Intro
01:02 Justine pt. 1
03:10 Fragile Wire
04:26 Justine pt. 2
08:12 To Where Grass Widow
10:37 Justine pt. 3
12:34 Werewolf Cat Power
15:26 Justine pt. 4
18:33 Saltwater Beach House
21:14 Justine pt. 5
22:53 Don't Knock Staple Singers
25:14 Justine pt. 6
28:24 Wurlitzer Jukebox Young Marble Giants
31:07 Justine pt. 7
34:57 Moby Octopad Yo La Tengo
40:19 Finish

The Battle of Faith and Doubt, 2012

Justine Frischmann is a California-based painter. This month she’s got a new solo show of her abstract paintings opening at Unspeakable Projects in San Francisco. The show is called The Battle of Faith and Doubt. Recently I spoke with Justine over the phone about her upcoming exhibition, her painting process and making the transition from successful rock musician to abstract painter.

Untitled (Demiurge), 2012

Pink Grid Destroyed, 2012

Lambent #2, 2013


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Thomas grew up in Northern California where he fell in love with music and photography while going to punk shows and shooting skate photos. He photography in college, which may or may not qualify him to host an…