Art Uncovered - Tucker Neel

Premiere DateAug 13, 2013
00:00 Thomas Intro
01:12 Friendly Ghost Harlem
04:10 Tucker Neel interview pt 1
08:54 By Tomorrow Black Tambourine
11:42 Tucker Neel interview pt 2
14:55 Fake Kinkade Obits
18:01 Tucker Neel interview pt 3
20:58 Higher Ground The Feelies
25:15 Tucker Neel interview pt 4
29:25 God Told Me Sebadoh
30:30 Tucker Neel interview pt 5
32:39 I'm With You The Ponys
35:12 Tucker Neel interview pt 6
40:42 Hey Boy The Blow
43:28 Tucker Neel interview pt 7
45:49 A Minor Place Bonnie "Prince" Billy
49:27 Tucker Neel interview pt 8
53:50 Travelin' Girl The Bitters
56:55 Finish

Today on the show, my guest is Los Angles-based artist and jack of all trades, Tucker Neel. Tucker’s artwork takes the form of site specific installations, photography, drawing, video as well as online and telephone communication. His work draws on images of national monuments, political iconography, and the landscape around LA to examine how individual and cultural memories take material form.

Tucker is also a writer and curator. He is a  regular contributor to Artillery Magazine in LA, as well as the founder of the alternative exhibition space 323 Projects and the Vice president of GYST Ink, an artist-run company that offers  business and professional services to artists.

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