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Premiere DateJul 23, 2013
00:00 Thomas Intro
01:20 Sure Shot Polvo
04:26 Mary Mattingly Interview pt. 1
06:12 Drug Girls Velocity Girl
09:44 Mary Mattingly Interview pt. 2
12:37 Wilderness Sleater-Kinney
16:12 Mary Mattingly Interview pt. 3
20:06 Canada High Places
23:04 Mary Mattingly Interview pt. 4
25:03 Me and the Major Belle and Sebastian
28:45 Mary Mattingly Interview pt. 5
31:21 Sunshine Blue Marine Girls
33:22 Mary Mattingly Interview pt. 6
35:30 Don't Eat That It's Poison Fastbacks
38:22 Mary Mattingly Interview pt. 7
39:55 Fell Down the Stairs Tilly and the Wall
41:59 Mary Mattingly Interview pt. 8
43:22 Beatnik Comet Gain
47:05 Finish

Waterpod Project

This week on the show is artist Mary Mattingly. Mary’s work combines photography, sculpture, architecture and ecology to bring us visions of a post-apocaliptic future — as well as, most importantly, some ideas for how we might survive such a future, or avoid it all together.  With works like her wearable homes  and The Waterpod Project — a self-sufficient floating artist habitat built on a recycled barge —- Mary’s work offers imaginative and visually stunning experiments in living    based on ideas of community, sustainability and individual freedom. Mary’s upcoming solo exhibition is called Mary Mattingly: House and Universe, and it opens at Robert Mann gallery on September 6th.

I visited Mary in her studio in Dumbo to talk about her work and her thoughts on utopia and the future of cities.

Inflatable Home

Wearable Home

Aqua 2000


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