Art Uncovered - Tatiana Berg

Premiere DateJul 24, 2012
00:00 Thomas Intro
02:01 Tatiana Berg Interview Part 1
05:50 Totally Stoked (On You) Y.A.C.H.T.
06:55 Tatiana Berg Interview Part 2
08:24 Black Hole Grass Widow
09:40 Tatiana Berg Interview Part 3
13:05 The Dancing Katydids The Myrogens
13:43 Tatiana Berg Interview Part 4
16:17 Weather Radio Pylon
17:13 Tatiana Berg Interview Part 5
21:10 Untitled Panda Bear
22:00 Tatiana Berg Interview Part 6
24:00 Lightning Song Blood on the Wall
25:42 Tatiana Berg Interview Part 7
30:01 Luke Vibert Thurston Moore
33:25 Finish

Tatiana Berg is an abstract painter based in New York City. Her canvases are covered in freeform brushstrokes, drips, and sometimes lines and squiggles Tatiana makes with her fingers. She works with a pallete of pastel oranges, blues, greens and reds, shades inspired by the washed out look of films from the 1970s.

Lately, Tatiana has been working on a series she calls “Tents.” Instead of painting flat rectangular canvases to hang on the wall,  she’s constructed three dimensional geometric pyramids out of canvas and stretcher bars and mounted the structures on wheels. The result are multi-sized abstract paintings that can be wheeled around the gallery or parked in the corner, like a strange pieces of furniture.

This week, I met with Tatiana in Bushwick to discuss this latest body of work.  She told me about the origins of these Tent paintings, the ways that her work draws on improv comedy, and the challenges that arise when making abstract paintings.

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