Art Uncovered -- Céline Clanet

Premiere DateSep 27, 2011
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01:46 Céline Clanet Interview pt. 1
04:13 Moras Calmmit Skáidi
06:21 Céline Clanet Interview pt. 2
09:32 Maze Bartnit Johan Sara Jr.
10:56 Céline Clanet Interview pt. 3
13:30 Suhtadit Slincraze
16:17 Céline Clanet Interview pt. 4
20:07 Maze Mari Boine
23:18 Céline Clanet Interview pt. 5
26:47 Dolgematki Adjagas
29:59 Céline Clanet Interview pt. 6
33:39 Cinat John Sara Jr.
37:10 Céline Clanet Interview pt. 7
39:44 Ante Mahte Ante Skáidi
42:32 Céline Clanet Interview pt. 8
47:54 Vuoi Vuoi Me Mari Boine
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This week on Art Uncovered I speak with French  photographer Céline Clanet. Over the last six years Céline has been traveling to Máze, a small village in Norwegian Lapland, located in the arctic circle, to photograph the Sámi people — one of the only indigenous arctic communities of continental Europe.

Céline’s  photographs focus on the Sámi’s relationship with territory, animals and time,  a relationship that was threatened in the early 1970s when the Norwegian government planned to flood the village as part of a  hydroelectric dam project. The community’s resistance eventually stopped the project, but Céline believes that the Sámi and their land  will undoubtedly be transformed in the coming decades by global warming and cultural integration.

Céline spoke with me over the phone from her office in Paris about her time in the arctic, the pictures she made there and some of the Sámi people in her photographs.

Céline’s work is currently on view at Bold Hype Gallery in New York City until October 1st.


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