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Premiere DateAug 23, 2011
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01:18 Jonathan Monaghan part 1
03:37 Good Bye Mary Lou Angels of Light
06:39 Jonathan Monaghan part 2
09:53 Just a Whim The Beets
12:49 Jonathan Monaghan part 3
16:33 Lovelier Girl Beach House
19:24 Jonathan Monaghan part 4
22:34 Will Get Fooled Again Max Tundra
25:55 Jonathan Monaghan part 5
28:23 Hitch Hike - Liliput
30:59 Jonathan Monaghan part 6
34:10 The Horse Beach Fossils
36:46 Jonathan Monaghan part 7
38:44 Oh OKAY
43:41 Finish

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Welcome to Art Uncovered. My guest on the show this week is artist Jonathan Monaghan. Jonathan  makes short films that combine high end computer animation with surreal and fantastical scenes drawn from religious themes, popular culture and history.

In one of his pieces, we watch a polar bear — one that resembles one of the bears from the popular coca-cola ad campaign — slowly staggering around in a shapeless black space only to realize, after three minutes, that we’ve been watching the bear as it slowly dies.

Another piece which Jonathan discusses on the show features a lion, a black eagle some medical devices and a beheading.

This summer Jonathan has been at an artist residency in Vermont, and he spoke with me recently from his cabin there about his work.

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