Art Uncovered -- Amy Eckert

Premiere DateJul 5, 2011
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03:58 Amy Eckert Interview pt. 1
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26:23 For You The Beets
29:17 Amy Eckert Interview pt. 5
32:19 Western Homes Pavement
34:06 Amy Eckert Interview pt. 6
37:03 Grass Animal Collective
40:03 Amy Eckert Interview pt. 7
41:20 King of Spain Galaxie 500
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This week on Art Uncovered: Amy Eckert

Amy’s photographs and collages  explore  ideas of home, mobility and the anxiety of  longing to be two places at once.

For her series Manufacturing Home, Amy photographed the interiors of model mobile homes across the the U.S. — revealing the strange contradictions in these factory-made homes on wheels.

In her more recent collage work, Amy draws on architectural photographs as well as her own images to create playful juxtapositions of color, texture and space.

Amy is the recipient of a McKnight Photography Fellowship, and for the last year has been developing a series of collages which are on view now at Midway Contemporary Art in Minneapolis. Her work is also on view here in New York at  Jen Bekman Gallery as part of a group show entitled Dawn Till Dusk.

Amy spoke with me recently from her home in Los Angeles about her new body of work, photographing mobile homes and how her experiences of home growing up influence her collage work.


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