Art Uncovered - Matthew Miller

Premiere DateMay 24, 2011
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01:43 He's a Mighty Good Leader Beck
04:21 Matthew Miller Interview pt. 1
05:38 Renaissance Man Sebadoh
07:55 Matthew Miller Interview pt. 2
10:35 Certain Harbours The Bongos
13:19 Matthew Miller Interview pt. 3
15:34 For You The Beets
18:25 Matthew Miller Interview pt. 4
20:17 Wild 2 The Babies
23:14 Matthew Miller Interview pt. 5
26:38 Eisler On The Go Billy Bragg and Wilco
29:29 Matthew Miller Interview pt. 6
32:12 Murder in the Red Barn Tom Waits
36:16 Matthew Miller Interview pt. 7
38:36 Black Hole Grass Widow
39:53 Matthew Miller Interview pt. 8
42:56 Wonderful Witches Thurston Moore
45:23 Finish

Photo by Travis Dubreuil, New York Times

On Art Uncovered this week I talk with painter Matthew Miller about his solo show that’s up now at Famous Accountants. The show is called the magic black of an open barn door on a really sunny summer day, when you just cannot see into it, and it features five striking self portraits all of which present Matthew’s cropped figure set against a depth-less field of black paint.

Matthew develops his paintings over months and months in the studio. He applies thin layers paint — often covering the entire image once a day — as he shapes facial features and situates the figure in the frame. The final results, described as everything from humble to grotesque, resemble the work of master painters like Rembrandt and Vermeer, as well as the figures in 20th century painter Grant Wood’s images of pastoral Americana.

I talked with Matthew at Famous Accountants about putting together his show, his painting technique and his experience growing up in a Mennonite family in rural Pennsylvania.


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