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Premiere DateMay 17, 2011
00:00 Intro
01:32 Red Mission of Burma
05:05 Doug Young interview part 1
07:54 The Leather The Oblivions
10:54 Doug Young interview part 2
13:28 Needle and Thread Royal Baths
17:02 Doug Young interview part 3
19:59 All I Think About is You Harry Nilsson
23:30 Doug Young interview part 4
26:45 Jesus Fever Kurt Vile
30:20 Doug Young interview part 5
33:40 Neet Street Godz
36:20 Doug Young interview part 6
40:28 Doug Youg's World Record Setting Banjo Performance
41:47 Finish


This week on the show my guest is artist Doug Young. Doug has just begun a new series of paintings using a technique he describes as  “reverse painting.” The works, painted directly on glass and housed in heavy graphite-finished frames, depict strange and fantastical places including a vintage Disneyland Attraction, a lethal injection room and a view of the Death Star‘s equatorial trench as seen from above by Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. Three of  these new paintings are on view now at Sugar Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn as part of a group show called Working Together.

I sat down with Doug in his studio in Bushwick to talk about his painting technique, the ways that music informs his work, and how setting the Guinness World Record for longest continuous banjo performance in 2001 transformed the way he makes art.



Reverse painting on glass

Reverse-painted glass panels

A work in progress on Doug’s reverse painting easel


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