Manufacturing Home

Premiere DateJul 5, 2016
00:00 BTR Today
00:54 Amy Eckert
02:09 Manufacturing Home
05:11 Misunderstood Buildings
07:18 Collage
08:22 Rouge Wave
09:26 Workspace
12:59 Paper
14:00 Commercial Work
16:28 Textures of Home
18:04 Home as Person Place and Thing
19:31 Clouds
21:52 Go Through the Sky
24:13 Finish

From Manufacturing Home series

This Week:

Photographer Amy Eckert talks about her collage work, and her photography project Manufacturing Home. For the project Amy photographed the interiors of model mobile homes around the U.S. Amy’s work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Scientific American and Dwell, among many others, and is part of the collection of the George Eastman House and the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

From Manufacturing Home series

From Manufacturing Home series

From Manufacturing Home series

From Misunderstood Buildings series

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