Jonathon Keats

Premiere DateFeb 9, 2016
00:00 The New BTR Today!
00:35 Forged
02:18 Jonathon Keats pt. 1
06:45 Chaconne from Partita for Violin Andres Segovia
07:35 Jonathon Keats pt. 2
13:12 Ad Reinhardt The Red Krayola
14:06 Jonathon Keats pt. 3
21:45 Fake Fur Calexico
22:38 Jonathon Keats pt. 4
29:02 Evil is Coming Broadcast
29:27 Jonathon Keats pt. 5
34:53 New BTR Today!
35:58 A Century of Fakers Belle and Sebastian
36:41 Finish

A fake Vermeer painting by Han Van Meegeren, one of the famous art forgers featured in Jonathon Keats’ book Forged.

Jonathon Keats is an artist and experimental philosopher. In his book, Forged, he makes the case for why forgers are the greatest artists of our age. In his book, he looks at the history of art forgery, and tells the stories of six incredible and ambitious forgers who conned art experts, Nazi officials and entire nations into believing in their fake wares. Jonathon argues that a well perpetrated forgery forces all of us to to question our ideas about authenticity, authority and belief. This is something that most legitimate artwork fails to achieve.

In addition to writing books Jonathon also makes art and writes a column for

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