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Premiere DateApr 7, 2015
00:00 Thomas Intro
01:52 Jin Zhu Interview pt. 1
06:55 Ratcatcher Yellow Fever
08:32 Jin Zhu Interview pt. 2
14:39 The Headcoatees Youngblood
16:27 Jin Zhu Interview pt. 3
19:13 Tommy's House Speed the Plough
21:52 Jin Zhu Interview pt. 4
25:08 Give Up Sebadoh
27:25 Jin Zhu Interview pt. 5
31:09 Tuesday Grass Widow
33:37 Finish

San Francisco based photographer Jin Zhu’s project  Endless Stream looks at  California’s Central Valley.  Jin has been documenting  the ways that water — and lack of it — transforms the landscape and the ways that humans live on the land.

Jin’s work frequently takes her to  the landscapes of the American West, places like Monument Valley, the Nevada Desert, harsh environments where humans have passed through or tried to settle in search of a better life.

Jin writes that her newest work  examines “how landscape shapes the human experience” and how we “attempt to transform unfamiliar places into the image of the familiar in spite of natural limitations of local climate and resources.”

I recently spoke with Jin over the phone via skype about her photography as well as how she transitioned from a potential career in macro-biology to life as a photographer.


Host Thomas
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