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Premiere DateFeb 24, 2015
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02:11 My Brooklyn pt 1
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09:16 Breaking Away Ratatat
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17:22 I Love A Computer Y.A.C.H.T.
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21:41 For the Trees Matmos
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25:10 Second Hand Japanther
26:07 My Brooklyn pt 7
30:07 Friendship Station   Le Tigre
30:59 My Brooklyn pt 8
33:48 Gentrification The Sissies
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The documentary My Brooklyn, directed by this week’s guest Kelly Anderson,  examines the forces that are rapidly transforming the neighborhood of downtown Brooklyn, . The film centers around the Fulton Mall, a long-time African American and Caribbean shopping district  that in the early 2000s was rezoned by the city to make way for luxury condos and chain retail stores. This rezoning, and others like it in the neighborhood, displaced  many of the residents and small business who had been there for decades. At the same time, the development plan used public money to grant hundreds of millions of  dollars in tax breaks and subsidies to wealthy residents and big developers.

Filming My Brooklyn

In My Brooklyn we hear praise and criticism about the Fulton Mall plan from business owners, city officials,  residents, urban planners. Throughout, historian Craig Wilder discusses futon mall as part of a history of   demographic change in Brooklyn, detailing the public policy decisions that have played a role in  reshaping Brooklyn along race and class lines over the last century.

Kelly Anderson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Film and Media Studies at CUNY. Her other projects include Never Enough, Every Mother’s Son, and Out At Work.  My Brooklyn is now available to stream online and Anderson has just released a study guide for teachers and community members.

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