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Premiere DateNov 11, 2014
00:00 Thomas Intro
02:01 Matt Jones Interview pt. 1
04:16 From the Sky Down Y.A.C.H.T.
04:46 Matt Jones Interview pt. 2
08:21 Outsmartener Yo La Tengo
11:14 Matt Jones Interview pt. 3
16:52 Atlas Battles
19:22 Matt Jones Interview pt. 4
24:49 Everybody's Down No Age
26:56 Matt Jones Interview pt. 5
29:13 For the Trees Matmos
30:30 Matt Jones Interview pt. 6
33:58 Posed By Models Young Marble Giants
34:38 Matt Jones Interview pt. 7
38:03 Evil is Coming Broadcast
38:17 Matt Jones Interview pt. 8
41:09 Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out Timothy Leary
41:29 Matt Jones Interview pt. 9
44:35 The Stakeout Sun Araw
49:04 Finish

Planetary, 2010-2013

Matt Jones is an artist working in Brooklyn NY. His paintings and drawings are deeply influenced by the big mysteries of the universe — from string theory and outer space to ghosts, spirits and the paranormal.

I first discovered Matt’s work through his ongoing series of black and white “Space Paintings,” which look like vast swaths of deep space filled with thousands of star clusters. These space paintings spawned other kinds of works, so-called “Spirit Paintings” and what Matt calles “Energy Paintings” which involve pouring large quantities of paint onto plastic and then laying a black canvas on top of the swirling mix of colors. The resulting images are otherworldly abstractions that emphasize the influence that both science and the history of painting have on Matt’s work.

I met up with Matt at his studio to talk about how outer space, comic books, string theory, Black Flag, and the multiverse all influence his art making.  We also dive into Matt’s feud with the color purple.

Space 3, 2012

Unknown Energy Source—1


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