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Premiere DateNov 4, 2014
00:00 Thomas Intro
01:35 Hiro Kurata Interview pt. 1
05:19 Dressed in Black Teengenerate
08:04 Hiro Kurata Interview pt. 2
11:32 Sad Sad Kiddie The Pillows
15:24 Hiro Kurata Interview pt. 3
17:41 Yo Yo - Pylon
21:53 Hiro Kurata Interview pt. 4
24:46 I'm With You The Ponys
27:19 Hiro Kurata Interview pt. 5
30:55 My Kimono Polvo
33:07 Hiro Kurata Interview pt. 6
35:42 Silently Blonde Redhead
38:24 Finish

Cold Summer Painting

Brooklyn based painter Hiro Kurata paints hallucinatory scenes and portraits that revolve around a single character — a baseball player wearing thick black and white pin stripes that he calls the Slugger. His works take the slugger through surreal worlds rendered in vibrant colors and populated by sumo wrestlers, samurai warriors and greek gods. Hiro grew up in Japan, but moved to Chicago as a kid. For him baseball was important not so much as a sport, but as a cultural bridge between his two homes.

I met with Hiro at his studio in Greenpoint Brooklyn, to talk about his paintings, the influence of Manga comics on his work, and his feelings about baseball.

Portrait of a Slugger

Error of a slugger, 53×60


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