Art Uncovered - History of the Future in 100 Objects

Premiere DateOct 28, 2014
00:00 History of the Future
02:15 History of the World
03:40 Silent Messaging
07:12 Jorge Alvarez's Presidential Campaign
09:16 Future Trends
12:18 Reverse Forensic Linguistics
17:11 The Neuroethicist Identity Exam
20:57 Simulation
23:45 Micro Mort Detector
25:22 The Future in the Past
28:26 Utopia/Dystopia
32:03 Finish

Adrian Hon is the author of The History of the Future in 100 Objects. You’ve probably seen a lot of these “History of …. in 100 Objects” books, but Adrian’s is different. His book is essentially a kind of sci-fi thought experiment: The year is 2082 and the book is written from the perspective of a future historian taking stock of the 21st Century.  Along with objects — like Active Clothing and Mimic Scripts — our historian of the future lists major events and ideas that run the gamut from technology to religion to human rights. Some of my favorites include Euphoric Gastronomy, The Saudi Spring, and The Neuroethicist Identity Exam.

This week I talk with  Adrian about his book and how he went about writing a history of the future.


HOST Thomas
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