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Premiere DateOct 14, 2014
00:00 Thomas Intro
02:07 Alex Handy Interview pt. 1
04:33 Time Crashfaster
06:42 Alex Handy Interview pt. 2
09:22 Cal and Brady Style Cex
11:37 Alex Handy Interview pt. 3
15:20 Ducktails Moon The Advantage
16:53 Alex Handy Interview pt. 4
19:51 Ping Pong Act
22:21 Alex Handy Interview pt. 5
26:12 Peacebone Animal Collective
28:55 Alex Handy Interview pt. 6
34:07 Padding Ghost Dan Deacon
36:48 Alex Handy Interview pt. 7
39:08 Totally Stoked (On You) Y.A.C.H.T.
41:57 Finish

This week on the show, Alex Handy talks about  the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment, a non-profit based in Oakland, California.The museum houses a growing collection of historic video games and digital ephemera. It’s mission is to preserve these games and educate the public about how video games are made and why they deserve the same artistic status as films or painting.

Handy got the idea for the museum after he stumbled across some forgotten Atari chips at a flea market. He discovered that there was no real institution dedicated to collecting and preserving these artifacts.

When I spoke with Alex over the phone we talked about some other strange and innovative games on the indie developer scene and the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment.


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