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Premiere DateSep 16, 2014
00:00 Thomas intro
01:39 Laura Plageman Interview pt. 1
03:32 Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam The Vaselines
08:29 Laura Plageman Interview pt. 2
10:23 Saltwater Beach House
12:58 Laura Plageman Interview pt. 3
14:47 Reena Sonic Youth
18:30 Laura Plageman Interview pt. 4
21:02 Bob In Your Gait Julianna Barwick
22:31 Laura Plageman Interview pt. 5
26:23 Slow Motion Panda Bear
27:42 Laura Plageman Interview pt. 6
30:09 On Parade Electrelane
32:12 Finish

Response to Print of Cypress Point, 2013, archival pigment print, 56″ x 70

Photographer Laura Plageman is know for a body of work called  the Response Series. The project is a collection of unusual landscape images that Laura makes by physically folding, tearing and crumpling her prints and then re-photographing the results with a large format camera. In the final photograph the creases, tears and folds warp the image to create  completely new landscapes. Rachel has expanded her project to include seascapes, and an exhibition of these images opens this week at De Soto Gallery in Venice California.

When I spoke with Laura about The Response series back in 2012 she was preparing for her first New York exhibition of the project. She had just won the coveted Hey Hot Shot photography award, and we discussed why she started tearing up her prints,  how self portraiture led her landscapes, and her experience teaching photography.

Response to Print of McWay Falls, California, 2014, archival pigment print, editions variable

Response to Print of Pelican Rock, California, 2014, archival pigment print, editions variable


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