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Premiere DateSep 2, 2014
00:00 Phyllis Baldino part 1
03:59 Appalachian Grove III Laurie Spiegel
06:46 Phyllis Baldino part 2
09:53 Birds Electrelane
13:36 Phyllis Baldino part 3
16:10 Black Hole Grass Widow
17:26 Phyllis Baldino part 4
20:36 Future Crimes Wild Flag
23:17 Phyllis Baldino part 5
28:03 Surveillance Camera A Frames
30:56 Phyllis Baldino part 6
34:32 Patchwork Laurie Spiegel
37:27 Finish

Out of Focus Universes

Phyllis Baldino is a video artist based in Brooklyn. In her videos and photographs Baldino explores  scientific phenomenon like multiple dimensions and the end of the world as well as  issues of privacy and technology. This week Baldino’s work will be featured in  Perogi XX, a big group show celebrating Perogi gallery’s twenty years in Williamsburg. The show features other Brooklyn artists including Fred Tomaselli, Dawn Clements, Ward Shelley, Shannon Plumb, Gary Panter and dozens of others. I spoke with Baldino during the run of her last solo show, Per Future.




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