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Premiere DateAug 12, 2014
00:00 Thomas Intro
01:45 Andy Freeberg Interview pt. 1
03:42 Last Roundup The Feelies
06:14 Andy Freeberg Interview pt. 2
10:21 Flying Over Russia Marine Girls
12:24 Andy Freeberg Interview pt. 3
15:03 This Is Not A Photograph Mission of Burma
16:58 Andy Freeberg Interview pt. 4
20:26 Cherry's Blues Thurston Moore
22:09 Andy Freeberg Interview pt. 5
25:49 Who Could Win A Rabbit Animal Collective
27:46 Andy Freeberg Interview pt. 6
29:36 Tell Me What's Inside Your Heart Ty Segall
33:13 Andy Freeberg Interview pt. 7
38:15 Sugarcube Yo La Tengo
41:02 Finish

That’s photographer Andy Freeberg talking about his project called Guardians. It’s one of two body’s of work he has been working on over the last few years. Both of his shows depict people occupying space with works of art, but the worlds Andy documents in these two shows couldn’t be more different.

In his Guardian series, Andy travelled to the most prestigious museums in Russia, to photograph the mostly elderly women who guard the famous works of art. In the photographs, Andy draws subtle connections between the women and the art works they protect. Sometimes, Andy says, they look like they could have fallen out of one of the paintings.

In his second series, Andy tackles a completely different side of the art world: The Contemporary Art Fairs. Andy took his camera to Art Basel, the Armory and other major fairs to photograph gallerists and their staff working inside their anonymous white cubes. The people in these pictures seem entirely disengaged from the art work around them, sometime to a humorous extent, preferring their computer or cell phone screens to the handsomely priced paintings and sculptures displayed all around them.

Host Thomas
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