Antriksh Bali

Premiere DateJul 17, 2018
00:00 Introduction
00:35 Antriksch Bali
01:40 Chaka Goon
06:08 Path to Becoming a Composer
09:48 Working with Filmmakers
13:53 Compositions for Short Films
18:47 Compositions for Animations and Video Games
23:52 Outro
24:12 Innisfree (Lets Be The Peace Now) Field Division
28:22 Finish

Antriksh Bali is a composer, sound designer and music producer for film, video games and animations. Hailing from Delhi, India, he has been creating music for over a decade. Also being an accomplished pianist, he derives major influences from classical and electronic music.

Having started dabbling with music composition and production in 2012 playing synths, drum machines and keyboards for a number of different bands, he eventually sought a more intriguing direction writing music for orchestra and creating background scores that evoke emotion and tension. His music has been played and recorded by the Budapest Art Orchestra and at Abbey Road’s Studio One in London.

All videos courtesy of the artist

A fatal mystery that questions the relationship between destiny and creation.
Elle, a young writer obsessed with uncovering the truth of her past realises that she is closely connected to the house she is renting. The house once belonged to author Frank Hemingway who died under mysterious circumstances.

EPFlicks Production
Directed By: Alessio De Nicola
Starring: Ellie Poussot, Sheree Zellner, Peter Hayes, Kurt Bayly
Written By: Sonny Clarke
Cinematography By: Luke Walker
Music By: Antriksh Bali
Sound Design By: Barni Sparkes

Vestra Pictures by Tony Newton (producer of films like: Grindsploitation, Virus of the dead) and The Enchanted Architect by Domiziano Cristopharo (producer of: Red Krokodil, Sacrifice) present PHOBIA t he new collective movie that features 14
international directors developing an unusual theme: phobias.

Do you know exist Hipopotomonstrosesquipedaliofobia (fear of long words) or Geniofobia (fear of the… chin?)? Exists thousand of fears and phobia that in some case become clinic patology.

This film delves into the horrors of phobias in each segment about one phobia and the bloody twist of it.

Featured directors:
Michael J. Epstein (USA) – Somniphobia – Fear of sleep
Domiziano Cristopharo (ITALY) – Mageirocophobia- Fear of cooking
Poison Rouge (ITALY) – Misophobia – Fear of Bacteria
Chris Milewski (USA) – Pharmacophobia – Fear of taking medicine
Sam Mason Bell (ENGLAND) – Oneirophobia – Fear of dreams
Alessandro Giordani (ITALY) – Astrophobia – Fear of stars or celestial space
Jason Impey (UK) – Achluophobia – fear of darkness
Alessandro Redaelli (ITALY) -Parthenophobia – Fear of virgins or young girls
Sunny King (NIGERIA) – Nychtohobia – Fear of night
Rob Ulitski (UK) – Gerascophobia – Fear of growing old
Lorenzo Zanonin&Alessandro Sisti (Italy) – Caetophobia – Fear of hairs
Davide Pesca (Italy) – Hemophobia – Fear of blood
Jackson Batchelor (UK) – Politicophobia – Fear of Politics
Dustin Ferguson (USA) – Mazeophobia – Fear of being lost

Main titles themes by Antriksh Bali

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