Alex Paik

Premiere DateAug 13, 2019
00:00 Introduction
00:40 Alex Paik
01:41 Map of the Stars Slaughter Beach, Dog
05:27 Structure and Classical Music Influence
08:51 In The Studio
16:51 Tiger Strikes Asteroid
23:29 Balance
27:44 The Dancer Ada Lea
32:52 Outro
33:12 Finish

Alex Paik is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work explores visual, material, and social interdependence through site-responsive geometric modular wall installations. His work has been shown at galleries and art fairs nationally and internationally. He is the founder and Director of Tiger Strikes Asteroid, a non-profit network of artist-run spaces and Gallery Director at Trestle Gallery, a non- profit arts organization in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. From 2015-18, he was Curator of Satellite Art Show, an alternative art fair in Miami.

All images courtesy of the artist


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