Ruby Boots & Indianola team up on a new single

Premiere DateMay 3, 2019
00:00 DJ Emily
00:54 Might Be Losing My Mind Ruby Boots & Indianola
06:00 Waylon Jennings LIVE! The Mountain Goats
09:13 Hello Anna St. Louis
11:56 Goodbye Brent Amaker and The Rodeo
15:22 Blankets Craig Finn
19:22 DJ Emily
19:43 Into The Shape of Your Heart Wintersleep
24:02 Rosie JDR and The Broadcast
27:36 Streets Are Empty Jane Church
30:35 Start The Dance Andrew Leahey
34:10 i was wrong Field Medic
36:44 DJ Emily
36:59 mood ring baby Field Medic
41:23 Breaking The Bread Will Varley
46:00 Don't Forget Me EB The Younger
51:30 DJ Emily
52:06 Bye Bye Crow The Essex Green
54:50 Finish

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As a kid, Emily Smith could often be found in her bedroom recording radio shows. She obsessively recorded songs off the radio onto cassettes and mixed them together on a dual player. She was in love with…