John Calvin Abney, Malin Pettersen, Jeremy Ivey, Strays Don't Sleep and more new tunes

Premiere DateNov 13, 2020
00:00 Emily (Rio Drone by M. Ward)
02:40 When This Blows Over John Calvin Abney
06:36 5am Caitlin Harnett and the Pony Boys
09:25 Los Angeles Dougie Poole
13:54 Imposter Pearl Charles
16:57 Emily
18:20 Hometown Malin Pettersen
20:45 Honey Magpie Diaries
24:40 Whisper Wildwood Hess
28:55 Hit The Road H. Kink
31:08 Things Could Get Much Worse Jeremy Ivey
34:06 Emily
38:24 Story of a Fish Jeremy Ivey
41:28 Anytime Country Westerns
44:04 Surrender Will Butler
47:46 Hope Is A Love Song Strays Don't Sleep
51:31 Emily
52:18 Redemption Road Jonas Carping
55:08 An Echo Samantha Crain
58:52 Remember It The Northern Belle
62:22 Emily (Rio Drone by M. Ward)
63:42 Millennial Blues Jordan Merrick
66:54 Finish

Starting the show with new music from John Calvin Abney and his album Familiar Ground, which drops next week on Black Mesa Records. Also in the first set, the third single from Pearl Charles and her forthcoming release, Magic Mirror. It’s such a good one!

Malin Pettersen makes her Alt-Country Show debut and starts off the second set of tunes with her track “Hometown” from her album Wildhorse, which is out now. Also in the set, I continue my obsession with Australicana tunes and feature a track from Magpie Diaries out of Australia!

The good tunes continue with music from Jeremy Ivey’s new album, Waiting Out The Storm which is available now from ANTI- Records. I’ve got a double-dose of Jeremy Ivey tunes and I’ll tell you about his recent show in Nashville with Country Westerns.

Later in the show, a new tune  from Strays Don’t Sleep and their first release in 15 years! The EP is called ‘A Short Film for a Long Story’ and you’ll definitely want to add it to your collection!

There’s so much more in the mix as well. Please, find an album you love and support the artists by buying their albums or some merch. It’s so important to buy music and support the artists you love, especially at this time!

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