Best of The Alt-Country Show 2020

Premiere DateJan 8, 2021
00:00 Emily (Stevens' Snomwan by M. Ward)
03:18 Coyote Mary's Travelling Show M. Ward
06:49 Cherry Barb Mapache
08:42 Hell Waxahatchee
11:34 High Horse Samantha Crain
15:41 Waitin On John Pablo Dylan
18:45 Emily (Losing Sleep by Edwyn Collins)
22:50 Magical Thinking Blitzen Trapper
25:29 Someone Else's Fault Courtney Marie Andrews
28:38 Colors of the Highway Sam Rae
32:32 Hit The Road H. Kink
34:42 Emily (Los Angeles by Dougie Poole)
36:07 Los Angeles Dougie Poole
40:18 Wisteria Jaye Bartell
44:21 Pigeons Bill Callahan
49:19 Emily (Losing Sleep by Edwyn Collins)
52:20 Movies Jeremy Ivey
56:17 Hometown Malin Pettersen
58:58 Tommy's Trip James Thomson
62:07 5am Caitlin Harnett and the Pony Boys
65:00 Emily (Los Angeles by Dougie Poole)
66:22 Fierce Fanny Lumsden
68:40 Heavy Load Great Peacock
71:32 Hard to Party Beau Jennings
75:20 When This Blows Over John Calvin Abney
79:15 Emily (Stevens' Snomwan by M. Ward)
81:22 Easy On Your Mind Dogwood Tales
84:43 Finish

Best of the best of the best on BTR’s Alt-Country Show this year! I’m spinning all of my favorite tunes from the 2020 today.

For one reason or another, these are the ones that stood out. These artists were my friends through quarantine. They helped me escape from feeling trapped in my house and they made 2020 bearable.

I personally supported every artist on this list by buying their music, merch or both in 2020. I hope that if you are able, you will find at least one artist in this mix (or more) and show your support as well. It’s been a tough year for artists, especially those that rely on income from touring.

As a kid, Emily Smith could often be found in her bedroom recording radio shows. She obsessively recorded songs off the radio onto cassettes and mixed them together on a dual player. She was in love with…