Best of Alt-Country 2017

Premiere DateDec 15, 2017
00:00 DJ Emily
01:16 Funny Papers William Matheny
04:25 Got Em' Buried Mariya May
08:39 All I Know Lydia Loveless
12:57 Sidelong Sarah Shook And The Disarmers
16:58 DJ Emily
17:25 I'm Gonna Get My Heart Cut Out All Our Exes Live In Texas
20:45 Height of My Fears Ha Ha Tonka
25:06 Crippled & Crazy Scott H. Biram
28:28 Visionland Banditos
32:28 Starborne Eyes Trevor Sensor
35:54 DJ Emily
36:27 Where Our Cast Light Doubles Roselit Bone
40:52 Heartsick Blues Luke Winslow-King
44:32 Wild Child Ghost of Paul Revere
49:04 DJ Emily
49:48 2 4 6 8 Elliott Brood
54:25 FInish

Turn up the music this Friday for a Best Of Alt-Country set. Tunes from Lydia Loveless, All Our Exes Live In Texas and Roselit Bone in the Mix.

Elliott Brood - Ghost Gardens

Elliott Brood

All Our Exes Live In Texas

Lydia Loveless


As a kid, Emily Smith could often be found in her bedroom recording radio shows. She obsessively recorded songs off the radio onto cassettes and mixed them together on a dual player. She was in love with…