Australian Alt-Country (Australicana?!) - Caitlin Harnett, James Thomson, Lachlan Bryan, Ruben Neeson, Georgia State Line, Julia Jacklin...

Premiere DateOct 16, 2020
00:00 Emily (Steven's Snowman by M. Ward)
02:35 Make You Feel Blue Caitlin Harnett and the Pony Boys
05:53 Tommy's Trip James Thomson
09:01 Happy Song Alex The Astronaut
13:03 Emily
14:30 The Road Lachlan Bryan & the Wildes
17:08 I Just Don't Know the Truth Ruben Neeson
19:42 The Devil's Part All Our Exes Live In Texas
23:16 From Down Here Georgia State Line
27:26 Better Days Dave Favours & the Roadside Ashes
30:39 Nobody's Fool Madeline Leman & the Dessert Swells
34:55 Emily
36:39 Young Man For A While JB Paterson
40:26 Paper Thin Ben Leece
43:46 Sticks and Stones Katie Brianna
45:43 Millennial Blues Jordan Merrick
49:02 Don't Know How To Keep Loving You Julia Jacklin
54:00 Emily
55:55 5am Caitlin Harnett and The Pony Boys
58:40 Finish

The Alt-Country Show is completely dedicated to Aussie artists today! That’s because the scene there is insane! You’ll be blown away at the talent on this show. Today’s episode isn’t even a complete picture as there are many artists I wasn’t able to get permission from in time for the episode to go live. But, I hope to feature them in the very near future! Learn a little about some of the artists in today’s mix below. As always, click those links and show your support by purchasing their music and merch. It’s more important than ever to support your favorite musicians!

Caitlin Harnett & the Pony Boys – This group out of Sydney was one of my recent finds and part of the reason I fell down a rabbit hole of Australian tunes. I fell in love with Caitlin Harnett and co. the first time I heard them. Based on the two singles they’ve released this year, I cannot wait for their album which is due out in November. Caitlin was kind enough to give me some suggestions on artists for this mix as well!

Alex the Astronaut – You may have heard Alex the Astronaut on The BTR Top 10 recently! The BTR staff has been spinning her album ‘The Theory of Absolutely Nothing’ quite a bit!  And, now she’s an ARIA nominee! Alex is nominated for Breakthrough Artist of 2020. Past winners include Silverchair, Jet, Wolfmother, Ladyhawke, Tones and I, and more.

James Thomson –   Newcastle based artist, James Thomson really drew me in with the lyrics on his album ‘Golden Exile’ which dropped in March of this year. I got some Jeff Tweedy vibes and I could totally envision myself at one of his shows having a singalong with the rest of his fans.

Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes –  The Melbourne based group released an awesome 7in single in May and their fifth studio album is due out later this year. We’ll definitely keep up with this group and bring you some of that new music here on the show!

Ruben Neeson Ruben Neeson has dropped a couple of singles in 2020 and we are loving both of them! Pick them up on his Bandcamp page and we’ll keep an eye out for more new tunes as well.

All Our Exes Live in Texas – OG BTR Alt-Country! So, We had to include them. All Our Exes did a special live set with BTR back in 2017. I’ve been spinning KIT (Katie Wighton) from All Our Exes on Ladies Skate Only and have loved all of the singles she’s dropped this year.

Madeline Leman & The Desert SwellsThis group out of Melbourne got me hooked with their 2018 album ‘Diva With The Fever of Change.’ And, I’ve gotten lost in their latest release ‘Nobody’s Fool’ multiple times since coming across it on Bandcamp recently.

Gerogia State Line Fronted by Georgia Delves, this group had plans to release their debut  album this year but… covid. Luckily we have the dreamy single that’s on today’s mix. And, we’ll keep you in the loop when the album drops.

Dave Favours & the Roadside Ashes – The group’s album ‘Not Your Average Country Band’ dropped in April of this year. Dave Favours not only makes incredible tunes with The Roadside Ashes but he helped supply quite a few artists in today’s mix as well, through his label Stanley Records! He also released the “Take Me To Town” compilation that I reference in the show and where you can find Katie Brianna’s tack “Sticks & Stones.”

Katie Brianna – Her voice is strong but soothing and I fell in love on the first note. Our eyes and ears are open and ready for anything she releases.

Ben Leece – Is a Newcastle based, Americana singer-songwriter and he’s got us hooked. He just released a new single called “Magpie” which you’ll have to check out and you’ll hear another recent single of his “Paper Thin” in today’s mix.

JB Patterson – His new album ‘Young Man For A While’ dropped earlier this year. He’s an Americana singer songwriter that works out of a solar studio!?! Which we want to hear more about for sure. Catch more music from JB on the Brisbane edition of Spotlight On The City.

Jordan Merrick – Jordan is also featured on the Brisbane episode of Spotlight On The City and will probably find a home here on the Alt-Country Show as well. We are loving his sound and will be scouting for any new material.

Julia Jacklin – Last year’s most played artist of the year at BTR! You can pre-order a special, limited edition vinyl from her album ‘Crushing’ on the Polyvinyl site right now!

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