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Gamblers is a Long Island, NY-based rock band led by songwriter Michael McManus. With catchy hooks, indie rock grit, pop melodies, psych rock and dance touches,  and creative production, the collective has a way of defying description while making super memorable tunes. For this episode, the band delivers a killer acoustic take on their well-crafted tunes, and main songwriter/singer Michael stops by for an actual, IRL interview, covering the band's history, his fascinating musical trip thru hip hop, and navigating the music industry as an independent artist. 
Lakes is a UK-based band whose album Start Again is out now. Here, Roberto Cappellina joins us to talk about the band's new album, their upcoming release show and tour dates, and the group's unique approach to songwriting, along with a fantastic solo acoustic performance. Audio and video for this session was recorded by bandmate Matt Shaw.
Black Nash is the bedroom-pop recording project of Jody Smith, a Brooklyn-based songwriter whose work reflects on his five years in the U.S. Army. Here, he joins Jen Meller for a conversation about his self-titled album, the musical process, and the making of the music video for "Alligator," along with an exclusive performance for BTR Live Studio at Home.
This week, Nikkie speaks with Bay Area cellist/singer/songwriter Mia Pixley about her just released full length, ‘Margaret in The Wild.’ They discuss how her music is informed by her training as a psychologist and background as a transracial adoptee of Venezuelan and Nigerian descent, among other things. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
A stunning portrait of an Appalachian community where cell service and WiFi are restricted by law, the people who call it home, and the enduring human quest for quiet.
This week Kimberly spoke to Paula Pedrosa, a self-taught photographer and visual artist who has a degree in biology and visual communication and a masters degree in tropical ecology. Throughout the conversation, they talk about the influence of science on Paula's visual work and ideas such as the boundaries between the natural and artificial in nature and the interweaving of science and imagination. All images courtesy of the artist
Life is full of ups and downs just like our stories for this month. Sometimes you win: by embracing who you are and sometimes you lose: by driving a high school music honor society into the ground. Damon Runyon wrote that “life is 6-5 against.” We’d gladly take those odds. Hope you’ve had more than your fair share of triumphs. Grant Bowen ( Katie Rivard (provided by Katie Rivard)
The Tin Can Collective take the top spot! Steph Wall, Cochemea, Yves Tumor, Anthonie Tonnon make countdown debuts.
Infinite Sync Studios is a Louisville, KY-based label releasing a wide variety of genres from international artists. Run by Matthew Sisk and Matt DeVore, the label has had a productive first few years, and Matt joins me in this episode to talk about some of the unique ways that they run the label, before diving in to a ton of music from their relesases.
Today features music from DreCat and Cali the Dreamer, Mondo Slade, MeRCY, and more.
The final part of the two-parter episode rounding up all the awesome artists I've featured in 2021 so far.
It's Roadside BBQ! Fire up the grill and crack open a cold beverage. We'll supply the playlist!
An amazing set by the Miki Yamanaka Quartet from the popular Smalls Jazz Club in NYC on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live
You want it all? Like they say, If you want it all, you have to work hard for it. If you go the easy route, you won’t appreciate it. We appreciate every artist and every song to fulfill you musical needs so you can start working hard to have it all. Here on the Latin Hip Hop show, you CAN have it all. Let’s go!!!
They usually say, nothing better than seeing the whole world. Well, how about hearing the whole world too? Yeah, that’s what you get tunned into on Bazarro’s World Hip Hop show. New music, new artists, different flows and a ton of different type of beats. See for yourself, just press the fun button. LOL. Lets’ go!
Today’s show features new music from LS Camp, Lyes Papparazzi, Melly-Mel x Tone Spliff.
Today features music from Mode, Funk Cartel x Ultra Naté, Plaster Hands, and more.
Unthemed selections in both segments, bookend by fierce female truth-sayers Jasmine Sandlas and Natasha Noorani. Dancehall, disco, folk, and fight the system vibes spawn the 60 plus minute podcast this week. Plus, a question about the perils of overly dependent digital existence.
Back again with another awesome one!!! This week we are featuring new tracks from William Fields, Max Buzone, Benoît Pioulard and way more! So turn it up and get into it; this is glitch//idm!
Electronica via Alex Nocera, SODF, Farma Factory, David Serrano, Daniel Levak, Kamino KALUMA will help you work towards crushing your goals!
Check out the new music in the mix this week, it shows a range of artists that are adjacent to the jam scene, including bluegrass guitarist Jackson Melnick and psychedelic power trio Lespecial.
The amazing NYC and newly Nashville, TN based saxophonist and composer Joel Frahm talks about his new album The Bright Side.
Let's find blessings, gratitude, satisfaction and peace everywhere we go and in everything we do. Good positive summer vibes only. Let's dub this damn thing!
Crank up your speakers & enjoy wicked new riddims by Konshens, Usain Bolt, Khem, Skillibeng, GBlak, Dasilva, Gappy Ranks, Gangoolie, Fambo!
Oscar P’s hypnotizing remix of Omwana by DJ/producer MR.ECLECTIC, uses inexorable Afrocentric rhythms & Tina Ardor’s spirited vocals!
Lollapalooza Is Back! The Listening Booth is your guide w/electro from Post Animal & Porches + alt rock via White Reaper & The Aquadolls!
New music courtesy of Mega Bog, Monica LaPlante, Joan As Police Woman, Rodrigo Amarante, and more!
This episode is jam-packed with brand new music for you, including tons of singles and a sprinkling of album tracks. Jump right in with a new single from Calicoco to kick things off right - and then check out the music video here!
Hello Sunday. Goodbye July. We are killing those Sunday scaries away with double shots and love this weekend. Happy summer vibes always. Let's go!