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Bird Language is Jake Backer and Will Hutchison, a producing duo who met back in college and have been making beats in Brooklyn ever since. This year Bird Language released their debut album, Insider Art, which was four years in the making. In this episode of BTR Live Studio at Home, Backer and Hutchison discuss their collaborative process, the joys of escaping the city to record, and their all time favorite birds.
As we begin the 2020 Holiday season with this special Thanksgiving weekend episode of BTR Live Studio, we’re taking a look back to the first part of the year, back when we still did sessions with artists in person at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn. Here we’ll revisit music from sessions with Field Mouse, proper., Wintersleep, Pom Pom Squad, The Joy Formidable, and Momma.
Dolly Valentine, aka the new musical persona of Leslie Schott joins us to play a few songs from her debut album (accompanied by Andrew Valenti) and to chat about the project, and how this year at home has affected her life and music.
Nikkiesha interviews the indie folk duo Tender Creature. We also hear a few tracks off their new EP, ‘An Offering,’ which is available on all platforms. This podcast is produced by Stereoactive Media.
This week Kimberly spoke with Massachusetts based artist Ashley Eliza Williams, whose interdisciplinary work explores new ways of interacting with nature and each other. She shows her work nationally and internationally and has attended residencies in the US, Germany, Thailand and China. She is represented by K Contemporary in Denver Colorado. All images courtesy of the artist An Internal Construction of an External Condition Oil on panel 40″ x 40″ Interior Oil on panel 20″ x 16″ Hum Oil on panel 18″ x 24″ Resonant, from Anthropocene Oil on panel 40″ x 30″ Submerge, Data for Submerge Oil on panel 30″ x 24″ Oil on paper 13″ x 19″ Biolith, Data for Biolith Oil on panel 24″ x 18″ Oil on paper 28″ x 20″
Biden announces some top cabinet positions. Stories about learning and growing. And music from Dolly Valentine.
We discuss all things Thanksgiving food in this month’s show, with yours truly—the host—decreeing that mashed potatoes should never ever be made with their skins on. Upon this I shall not waver. And with that we wish everyone a safe and healthy Thanksgiving!
Secret Sun take the top spot this week with their new album, Winter Love! Countdown Debuts: Yukon Blonde, Falcon Jane, EELS, Katy J Pearson
This week we chat with country musician David Quinn and listen to his newest album Letting Go.
Today’s show features music from Young Old Soul, Liv East, LXVNDR, and more.
This year dive headfirst into that hard convo w/ your closed-minded family members & spin these tunes!
Tune in to The Jazz Hole Live today for a set by the Canadian-born, NYC-based vocalist and composer Kari van der Kloot recorded live at Rockwood Music Hall in New York, NY. Kari van der Kloot’s latest album The Architects lives somewhere in the space between jazz and folk. On her rich compositions, Kari’s lush vocals are backed up by her brilliant band, consisting of May Cheung on backing vocals, Lisanne Tremblay on violin, Jamie Reynolds on keys, Gary Wang on bass and Nathan Ellman-Bell on drums.
Staying home this Thanksgiving? Missing Family? Or, feeling thankful you don’t have to see family and friends? Either way, the BTR staff is here for you to provide some company and the soundtrack.
New tunes from John Calvin Abney, Pearl Charles, Jeremy Ivey, Malin Pettersen, Strays Don’t Sleep… the list goes on. Enjoy this hour of Alt-Country tunes on BTR.
Today features music from MeRCY & Chief Tony, Thorough, Josiah The Gift, and more.
Happy holidays to all! Enjoy your leftovers, walk the dog or take a nice jog somewhere. Burn some calories off, so you can eat some more, lol, then return home and throw on this incredible mix. Let’s dance. Let’s rock. Enjoy your weekend…
Thanksgiving eve indeed. Hopefully you get to spend time with family and friends that are not too far from you. If you’re traveling from out of town, be alert and be careful. Zoom it up if you have to, or Skype it down. In the meal time or mean time, lol, you can rock with us while you’re eating, drinking and dancing. I got some joints for you right here. Artists from around the world, the whole globe bringing their best on the mic and beats. Let’s go!!!
Panjabi MC album, The Raj, turns ten and yielded one of his unintended biggest tunes, as well as one that reflects the sounds of the 2010’s. Plus, Divine, Delhi’s Reggae Rajahs, and an expert in dubanomics in the beyond segment.
We’re back again!!! This week’s show features new tracks from Pole, Ian Boddy, Actress and a bunch more! So get comfortable, and let’s go….This is the glitch//idm show!
Today features It’s Alright with Marshall Jefferson x George Smeddles x Paris Brightledge.
Electronica via S1ngular, D Royal, Ruddaz, Louise Rademakers, Tom Boye, Seven Lions, Rodg help you work towards crushing your goals!
Back-to-back and true-to-form from BSS, SCI, MMB, CRB and The California Honeydrops.
Tune in for music by Will Bonness, Emily Kuhn, Jorge Perez-Albela (featuring Sissy Castrogiovanni), Dan Fortin, Rebecca Hennessy
Happy Pre-Thanksgiving to all!  Be grateful, be thankful, be full of love and dub! Midnite block, plus more gratitude from start to finish!
Crank up your speakers & enjoy wicked new riddims by Christopher Martin, Chino, Capleton, Pinchers, Munga Honorable, PeppaHot, Jah Bar I!
Newen Afrobeat plays an energetic version of Fela Kuti’s ‘Opposite People’ w/ Seun Kuti & Cheick Tidiane in Chile at the Womad Festival!
Now that we’re in that hazy holiday zone, it’s time to just keep the new music coming until it runs out for the year! We’ve got an exclusive premier of a new single from Johanna Warren, plus tracks from Desolation Horse, AC Berkheimer, Burr Oak, Dirty Projectors, Mamalarky, and more!
The Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend always feels more Sunday to me.  More leftovers, more football, more family and today more Sunday themed tunes.  Happy Holidays!
Door busting music discovery in the Listening Booth including beats w/Marques Martin + rock via Lord Sonny The Unifier! Escape Black Friday!
Tune in for tracks by Anna McClellan, Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection, Henriette Sennenvaldt and more.
Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this mix of jams from a few years back.
We’re skipping Thanksgiving here on New Vibrations & keeping up w/ new tracks—stay safe out there & enjoy!