Plus Tom Brady trolling Trump, a major league name change, doomsday scenes, and more.
The internet is always gonna have fun with a rebrand, even one as solid and necessary as this one.
During a CNN town hall that featured a few flubs, the president provided a business owner with a simple strategy to get people back to work.
Brady toed the laughing with/laughing at line perfectly, and you have to assume it was on purpose.
Brian Kilmeade's said plenty of batshit things on Fox and Friends, but his words Monday might take the cake.
It's hard to say whether Trump's gone full anti-vax with his latest statement, but it's a humorous moment of cognitive dissonance for the former president.
Frontwoman Tyler-Simone Molton says they’re all about inclusivity & are ready to get back on stage.
The NYC-based multimedia pop performer keeps things energetic & sexy in epic live performances.
The German band started w/ early ‘00s pop-punk & has taken their final form as upbeat funky indie rock.
"If the vaccine's so good, why do they have to push it?" wonders anchor on cable news network spewing bogus narratives on a daily basis.
The latest meme craze will make you appreciate those closest to you. But not as much as Vin Diesel.
She calls this track both "a question" and the "thesis statement" for her debut album coming out in October.
One of the most influential rockers of all time—how he rose to fame, struck tragedy, revived his music, and some deep cuts.