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Ryan Cooper on the GOP threat to democracy. Also, Magnet Releasing’s new film, ‘Censor.’ Plus music by Golden Alphabet and Phantom Wave.
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We round up our moist-highly anticipated movies that will be out between Memorial and Labor Days. Plus music by Endearments.
When faced with the prospect of living with blindness, Paul turned to Eastern philosophies for a new way to perceive the world. He shares the benefits of opening one’s third eye and viewing life through varied perspectives.
In college, during the early days of YouTube, Amanda tried her hand at vlogging. With the support of her influencer friend, she gained thousands of followers and became a YouTube partner. She shares what the platform was like back then and considers returning to her channel after abandoning it years ago to pursue a career in journalism.
When Zach was in high school, he lost his friend Max to suicide. Years later, he got a stick-and-poke tattoo to honor Max. In addition to being commemorative, the tattoo serves as a reminder for Zach to appreciate those he cares about as well as cherish their times together.
Dr. Celine Gounder explains what’s behind so-called vaccine hesitancy and how to boost vaccine confidence. Also, New Line Cinema’s ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead.’ Plus music by Michael Cormier.
'Drunk History' is as educational as it is fun & we're sad to see it go—here are some of our favorite episodes.
The Arkansas Senator gave himself away by referring to slavery as a “necessary evil.”
Everyone can relate to eagerly asking for details before the truth silently hits you, Princess Padmé most of all.
It turns out pretty much every single Irish person knows someone who looks and dresses like that. And they're all dads or uncles.
The unofficial start of summer comes with a litany of official summer treats.
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