Polyvinyl Record Co.
The Walker / Back of Dave Split 7" was the first official vinyl release from Polyvinyl, who were then known as Polyvinyl Press -- a zine co-founded by Matt Lunsford & Darcie Knight that documented the local and midwest music scenes. This pre-dated the label's official transition to become Polyvinyl Record Co. with the release of Braid's Rainsnowmatch 7-inch, and the first formal release, the Direction compilation.
Diane Coffee - aka the pop alter-ego of Bloomington, IN musician Shaun Fleming - has transformed since we first encountered the experimental, shape-shifting project a few years ago. With his latest release, Fleming has pushed further into the pop realm, exploring themes of technology and the isolation of our increasingly digitized world through epically catchy and danceable songs. The band dropped by Serious Business Music in Brooklyn to share a few tunes with us in this massively fun session! Internet Arms is available now from Polyvinyl. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
We caught Julia Jacklin's headlining set at Rough Trade in Brooklyn last night.
For this special Thanksgiving week episode of the Subliminal Inevitable Show on BTR, we take a look exclusively at Polyvinyl Record Company, who are currently celebrating their 20th anniversary (Check…
We're all Born Ruffians this week with them as our top artist & their frontman's solo project also making the top 10.
This will be your next favorite artist to leave on repeat while you're quarantined. Check out the entire list!
These are the albums our podcast hosts and producers listened to the most.
Shantih Shantih is bringing back doo-wop to rock 'n' roll.
Sweet sultry vocals are on top this week from Molly Sarlé.
(Sandy) Alex G slows things down with his melancholy indie tunes.