Kanine Records
Lio Kanine is back for a third look at the Brooklyn-based Kanine Records, catching us up on the label's very busy 2019 and providing a bit of a preview of what's happening as we head towards 2020!
We checked out the first day of the inaugural New Colossus Festival at NYC's Lower East Side.
Mariya May bringing a fresh air of bubbly indie to the top spot.
This week Tallies takes the lead with their debut self-titled album!
Mel Parsons takes over with her sultry and emotional vocals.
Pearl Charles has been hard at work since last we saw her in Austin in 2016. The Los Angeles-based folk musician released her debut full length earlier this year and has been performing and touring ever since. Her catchy alt-country songs have an incredibly sweet Americana sensibility with an edge, which is served well by the huge rock sound of her recording and live band. She stopped by with the whole gang for this session at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn. Sleepless Dreamer is available now from Kanine Records. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.