Neighbor Lady and their album ‘Maybe Later’ topped the charts for BTRtoday this year.
Neighbor Lady has already made quite an impression on us here at BTRtoday with their debut album, snagging a top artist of the week nod in June. And they’ve only continued to get love on our various podcasts since then. The Atlanta-based band plays incredibly charming, reverby, country-tinged indie rock with the secret weapon of lead singer Emily Braden’s powerful vocals. Check out this special performance recorded live at Serious Business Music in Brooklyn. Maybe Later is available now on Friendship Fever. Listen to the audio podcast for more music and interview.
L.A.-based indie band Momma stealing the lead this week with their new emotionally soaked album ‘Interloper.’
This week Ben Caplan takes over the top spot with his album ‘Old Stock!’
Neighbor Lady recently topped our charts and played The Glove in Brooklyn.
The sweet sultry voice of Shannon Shaw (from Shannon & The Clams) takes the lead this week with her debut solo album.
The holiday threw our usual top 30 off, but we’re brining you guys our top 10 w/ indie rockers Deeper leading the way!
Sam Evian leads the way this week with his sad folk/indie tunes that’s pulling everybody’s heartstrings.
Las Rosas’ sultry and sensitive rockin’ album ‘Shadow By Your Side’ takes the lead this week.
The bubbly and witchy Peach Kelli Pop leads the way this week, with Beach Skulls & Deeper coming in second and third.
This week BTRtoday is all about the psych-punk band from Alabama, The Burning Peppermints.
Neighbor Lady tops our charts this week with Las Rosas, Peach Kelli Pop and Speedy Ortiz coming up right behind them.
The Amazing hold up to their name and top our weekly charts with their newest album ‘In Transit.’