We're getting some tough love this week from indie artist Erin Anne.
Fran gets in your face with killer jams this week.
Ali Barter with her high pitched & in-your-face vocals take the lead.
Lisa Prank isn't taking anybody's shit in new album 'Perfect Love Song' and we love it!
Shantih Shantih is bringing back doo-wop to rock 'n' roll.
(Sandy) Alex G slows things down with his melancholy indie tunes.
Surf Curse coming in strong with their dark indie vibes to creep you out and get you rockin'.
Esther Rose brings Americana to the list.
Bibio's emotional new album 'Curls' takes the top spot.
The psychedelic rockers will bring you to a whole new world with their newest album 'Zam!'
Elder Island takes on the lead with their colorful new album 'The Omnitone Collection.'
Foxwarren takes the #1 spot this week for their new self-titled album.