Dalliance Recordings
The Tin Can Collective take the top spot! Steph Wall, Cochemea, Yves Tumor, Anthonie Tonnon make countdown debuts.
Veps take the top spot on this week’s BTR Top 10! Countdown debuts: Maple Glider, Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band, 2nd Grade, Love of Everything, Lightning Bug
Our most played artist this week is Squirrel Flower. Fiddlehead makes their countdown debut.
Charlie Duda takes the top spot! Squirrel Flower, BC Camplight, Veps, Silver Firs, Doug Bielmeier & more make countdown debuts!
Dawn Richard takes the top spot on this week’s BTR Top 10! Francis of Delirium, Love of Everything, and Halley Greg make countdown debuts!
This week I spin new and old tracks from Francis of Delirium and chat with frontwoman Jana Bahrich!