Female vocals are taking the top of the list by storm this week.
Bryan and J listen to new tracks from Ezra Furman, FRANKIIE, Julien Chang, Tinariwen, Darrin Bradbury, and Doe Paoro.
French Vanilla takes the lead with their funky experimental rock ‘n’ roll dance party jams.
Listen to the thrasher indie of UK’s Pip Blom.
Gemma bringing the pop and soul to BTR’s usually rock heavy list—and we love it!
Looks like our favorite comes from ’90s U.K. band Clinic this week—check ’em out!
This week Reptaliens takes the lead with their out-of-this-world music.
Barrie coming in hot with their emotional new album ‘Happy To Be Here.’
The five-piece indie rockers have taken over BTRtoday this week—check them out!