Chris Lewis is an American sculptor and landscape artist who produces site-specific sculptures within natural and urban settings.
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From Kentucky to Chile, BTRtoday checks out some of the ways different cultures celebrate the holiday season.
Jessica Gaddis is a New York-based artist who works with painting, ceramics, found objects, sculpture and installation. Her work questions what it means to be an ephemeral being in a physical body.
BTRtoday staffers share the best damn gifts we've ever given and received.
From world-renowned tomato fights, celebrations of time-traveling, and commemorations of absolutely nothingness, BTRtoday explores some of the weirdest holiday traditions from around the world.
Jessica Borusky, is an artist, educator, and curator currently living and working in Kansas City, MO. Her performances, videos and installations create a satirical space for examining social relationships concerning the idea of progress as seen in American history, pop-culture, presidential campaigns, westerm dime novels, do-it-yourself business literature, and text and historical markers along the Frontier Trails.
BTRtoday explores the secrets behind Bikram yoga's troubling founder.
Erik Benjamins, an LA-based artist, adopts materials and languages across the visual, performing, culinary, and design communities to explore our relationship between the home and away place
BTRtoday takes a look at the unsettling parallels between virtual violence and the atrocious acts that steal the headlines in our waking lives.
Since the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, the significance of the hoodie has been brought into the main stream; it has become a symbol of racial profiling and a garment at the center of the national debate over race and justice.
An island off the coast of Japan might hold the secret to longevity, but American influence might be changing things.
Elisabeth Smolarz (b. 1976) is a New York-based artist from Poland. Smolarz is a visual artist who often asks strangers to become participants and collaborators in her projects in order to expose collective consciousness and patterns of behavior. Her solo exhibitions include Hein und seine Sippe, Kunstverein Wagenhalle, Stuttgart, Germany (2016). Her group shows include AIM Biennial, The Bronx Museum, Bronx, NY (2013); The Situation, 3rd Moscow Biennale, Moscow, Russia (2009); In Practice, The Sculpture Center, Long Island City, NY (2007): and The Shot, Reykjavik Photography Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland (2006). Her residencies include Guttenberg Arts Residency, Guttenberg, NJ (2015); Homebase Project Residency, Jerusalem, Israel (2014); AIM Artist Residency, Bronx Museum, Bronx, NY (2013); and LMCC’s Swing Space, New York, NY (2013). Smolarz holds a B.F.A and an M.F.A from the State Academy for Fine Arts, Stuttgart, Germany. S.T.T.L , 2011, 1 channel video, 4:20 FREUND HEIN, 2007, 6 channel video installation, 5:00  
Body positivity is alive and well, but some lingerie companies like Victoria's Secret still market an unattainable (and silly) standard.
This week BTR speaks with Howie Good about his recent collection of poems "A Ghost Sings, A door Opens," which was published by Another Calligraphy Press. Good is a poet and professor of journalism at SUNY New Paltz, and the author of numerous poetry collections and scholarly books, including: "Dangerous Acts Starring Unstable Elements," "Girl Reporter" and "Journalism Ethics Goes to the Movies".
What is "the listening face," and is it really an authentic way to tell that somebody cares about what you're saying?
Too often we—myself included—assume public profiles are a true indication of someone’s life. As a result, we set standards for our own life to match those who seem truly happy, in love, successful, or any other adjective that we deem desirable enough to identify ourselves with. Unfortunately, we can never win in this situation.
BTRtoday explores how the selfie can transcend narcissistic art.