Kimberly Ruth
Kimberly Ruth is a New York based multi-media artist. Her work explores the failures and inconsistencies of language, especially in the digital age. Through text, photography, video and performance, she works to unveil, de-construct, poke fun at and critique the way words and images fail each other and their promise of an objective truth. She has recently exhibited at Galapagos Kunsthalle, New York; CICA Museum, South Korea; and SOMA, Mexico City. She has attended residencies such as LMCC Swing Space, SOMA Summer, Byrdcliffe in Woodstock, NY, and Vermont Studio Center.
Recent Posts
This week Kimberly spoke to Paula Pedrosa, a self-taught photographer and visual artist who has a degree in biology and visual communication and a masters degree in tropical ecology. Throughout the conversation, they talk about the influence of science on Paula's visual work and ideas such as the boundaries between the natural and artificial in nature and the interweaving of science and imagination. All images courtesy of the artist
This week Kimberly spoke with Lucia Love, a Brooklyn-based based artist whose illustrative, character-driven paintings comically depict doomsday landscapes that are uncanny in their similarities to today’s world. Lucia is also the cohost of the Art and Labor podcast and they are involved in the collaborative project Constructing the Real, a free online school that focuses in art theory art history and more. All images courtesy of the artist
This week Kimberly spoke with Flora Wilds, an artist who recently received her MFA from the San Fransisco Art Institute. Throughout the conversation Kimberly and Flora talk about Flora’s interest in using re-cycled and used materials as a way to talk critique commodity culture and to avoid buying new. They also talk about her interest in the labor of looking, searching, curating and collecting. All images courtesy of the artist
This week Kimberly spoke with Francesca Della Benatta, an Italian-born artist who currently lives and works in Mexico City. Throughout the conversation they speak about Francesca's trajectory from working in the movie industry to becoming a full-time sculpture who works mostly in bronze. Images courtesy of the artist
This week Kimberly spoke with Ashley Lyon, a New York-based artist who uses clay to create objects that reflect on motherhood. Throughout the conversation they talk about Ashely's experience of being an artist and a mother and the poetic relationships she builds between abstraction and personal narrative. All images courtesy of the artist
This week Kimberly spoke with Texas-based artist Bonny Leibowitz about the installation work she produced during COVID and her experiments with alternative spaces. All images courtesy of the artist